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Windows 98 Second Edition. Get the facts of what the newer version of windows 98 has to offer. Plus, find tips, tricks, performance issues, freeware and shareware downloads, and more. We are constantly updating our Windows 98 site to give you the best and most useful information.

"As far as we can tell, this IS the best general purpose Windows Troubleshooting site on the Net."
-Windows Sources Magazine
Windows Tips and Tricks

Windows ME Find out about this latest home version of the Windows software. Will this really be the last home version? Will we HAVE to install WinXP after this?

Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows

Effectively use Safe Mode, understand Device Manager, startup problems, and more. This site gives good basic advice on troubleshooting Windows and leads you to where you can find more information. All troubleshooting tips work with Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Certification Galore

mcp.jpg (5099 bytes)Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft's Adaptive Testing.
Great information on getting your Windows 95, Windows 98, NT Server, and Networking Essentials MCP's. Content is constantly being added, and self-study tips for all MCSE certification tests will be available soon.

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