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Windows 98 Books

Special Edition Using Windows 98 (Intermediate) co-authored by Ty Belknap (I wrote the troubleshooting section)
Book Description : Special Edition Using Windows 98 is the best core reference / tutorial book available. The Special Edition Using series continuous state of evolution and improvement for over the last ten years makes them the most customer focused and highly refined books availableThis title provides readers with the most comprehensive, relevant and understandable reference to Windows 98This new edition features complete coverage of all new Windows 98 features including Internet Explorer 4.0, the Active Desktop, and Shell IntegrationThe book is two color, features a new, more effective design, handy task-reference tear cards, a wealth of productivity-boosting tips, notes and cautions as well as a very strong collection of valuable software on the CD-ROM - New edition of industry's #1 selling Windows core reference/tutorial.

Windows 98 For Dummies (Beginner)
The latest edition of the bestselling computer book ever--over four million copies sold. Whether making the transition from an earlier version of Windows or tackling a PC for the first time, "Windows 98 For Dummies" helps readers take control of their computing needs. 150 illustrations.

Windows 98 Professional Reference (Advanced)
by New Riders Books

Windows 95 Books

Dummies 101: Windows 95 (Beginner)
Publisher, IDG Books :
WINDOWS 95 IS CHOCK-FULL, of features to help you work more productively and easily. But where do you start if you want to learn how to use them? With Dummies 101: Windows 95, you get clear, step-by-step lessons and fun pop quizzes that take you through everything from the basics of starting and quitting programs and opening and closing documents to the clever and creative things you can do with built-in accessories, such as Paint, WordPad, and HyperTerminal. Best-selling author Andy Rathbone is your personal tutor on these and other subjects, including customizing your computer desktop to reflect your personality and work style. Plus, on the book's bonus disk, you can find exercise files that you use to work through all the lessons from the book -- convenient and ready to use.

Platinum Edition Using Windows 95 (Intermediate)
Platinum Edition Using Windows 95, Second Edition is the premier expert-level reference available today. In addition to the reference, the book offers detailed tutorial on tasks and/or topics that may challenge expert level users.Provides all the information, step-by-step instructions, and software tools expert users need to build the ultimate Windows workstation in a networked/Internet-ready environment.Outdoes the competition with it's ultra-thorough coverage of Windows 95, it's market-leading content and approach, and it's unmatched software collections.The Second Edition will feature new coverage, improved usability, and updated CD-ROMs.

Upgrade or Repair your PC. (Intermediate)
A user's guide to upgrading and repairing a PC offers useful tips on doing both on a budget and shares tips on troubleshooting, repairing, and integrating new computer hardware and peripherals.

Windows 95 for Dummies (Beginner)
The publisher, IDG Books :
Windows 95 is chock-full of features to help you work productively and get the most out of your PC investment. With Windows 95 For Dummies, you'll realize your computer's full potential, whether it's accessing the Internet, taking advantage of multimedia capabilities, or sharing data among favorite application software such as Word, Excel, and Access. Microsoft made Windows 95 powerful, Windows 95 For Dummies makes it easy.

More Windows 95 for Dummies (Beginner)
Publisher, IDG Books :
Windows 95 For Dummies introduced you to the various buttons, bars, and boxes of the Windows 95 interface as well as new capabilities like Plug-and-Play -- all designed to make your PC more powerful and easier to use. Ready for more? In MORE Windows 95 For Dummies, bestselling author Andy Rathbone gives it to you -- in the form of crucial tips on installing and uninstalling new hardware and software, connecting your computer to a network, accessing the Internet, customizing your desktop, and getting multimedia to work on your PC. Here you'll find advice not only on taking advantage of Windows 95's many features but also on troubleshooting when things go awry.

Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit (Intermediate)
Direct from the Windows 95 development team, this comprehensive book/disk combo is the most exhaustive source of technical information that computer professionals, advanced users, and many enthusiastic Windows users need to become experts on the latest release of Windows. It contains some of the most sought-after tips, tricks, and productivity secrets available.; 3 disks.

Windows 95 Unleashed (Advanced)
With comprehensive coverage by a best-selling author and expert advice from contributing authors, this tutorial and reference will be an indispensable guide for intermediate- and advanced-level users. "Takes users beyond the basics to the more advanced features of Windows 95. Provides numerous tips and tricks to help users maximize the performance of Windows. Empowers users to unleash all that is Windows--installation, customization, optimization, net". Covers Windows 95. is pleased to have World Builder Technology Services in the family of associates. We've agreed to ship books and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on World Builder. associates list selected books in an editorial context that helps you choose the right books. We encourage you to visit World Builder often to see what new books they've selected for you.
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