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Q: When I am surfing the World Wide Web, it takes so long to load. Why is it taking so long to load when I have a 33600 modem and processor of 300 mh?
A:If you get on the 'net at certain times of the day, it could be slow because of the other 8 million people that are also on the 'net. Or a lot of people may be logged into your ISP the same time you are. There are many, many factors. The best thing to do would be to get a program like net.medic (you can find that at my site, It's in the Windows 98 area, but it works with 95 and 98. This program will watch your computer, your connection to the Web, and the time it takes to transfer data.

Q: I'm trying to find out if the winundo.dat file is a file that has to be kept after you decide to cut the ties and stick with win98. It's almost 100MB of disk space. Do I really need it or can it be deleted?
A: Provided you NEVER want to go back to your previous operating system, go ahead and delete it. Might be better to go to Add/Remove Programs (in Control Panel) and remove it that way.

Q: I have trouble with my defrag. I've changed the settings back and fourth but the computer just can't finish defraging. I get a "drive contents changed" and it starts over again. It's very frustrating.
A: This quite often happens when the screen saver, or other program, kicks in. Make sure your screen saver is off before beginning defrag, and make sure programs like anti-viruses and other automatically-loaded programs are disabled.

Q: My computer intermittently checks the A: drive throughout the day, for up to a few minutes at a time. While it does this, I cannot work on the computer. It doesn't seem to happen in any particular program, and sometimes happens when I am not even working on the computer. Do you know what causes this? And, more importantly, do you know how to make it stop?
A: For Windows 98, check out There is a listing for "Removable floppies". Make sure this is unchecked.
The easiest thing to check in Windows 95 is the Documents folder. For some reason, Win95 will check the A: drive intermittently if there is a document in the Documents folder from the floppy drive. Go to Start, Settings, Task Bar. Click the Start Menu Programs icon, and click Clear under the Documents area.

Q: My system fonts do not seem to be working correctly, particularly on the dialogue boxes where I am asked to select one box or the other, the check boxes next to the items displays junk. There is a similar problem with the flyout menus where the more detail arrows should be. Is there any way to restore this without redoing the entire system?
A: The main system font is the Marlett font. Try installing or extracting that from the Windows 98 CD. If that doesn't work, you may have to install all the Win98 fonts. Quick tip: when you extract (use the System Information Utility), extract them to a temporary folder, not the Fonts folder. The fonts folder is actually only a compressed file. Once the font is extracted, go to the Fonts folder and click Install new fonts.

Q: I'm trying to locate information about what hardware devices are not supported under Windows 95 OSR 2.5. Hope you can help, because I've drawn a blank searching the Microsoft site!
A:Microsoft has a hardware compatibility list. It's located at: and it should be good for Windows 95 OSR 2.5, as well as their other Operating Systems.

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