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Windows 98 tools can be found in the Windows 98 Tips and Tricks area.

Alarm is an easy-to-use but full-featured alarm system for Windows. It allows the user to set an unlimited number of alarms with reminder notes attached to them. Alarms may be scheduled to recur at pre-defined (or post-defined) intervals. Its install program will place its icon in your startup group. D/L time: 3.5 min at 14.4

AutoMate evaluation version
Becoming More Productive Has Just Become Easier! With this highly acclaimed utility, you can easily configure your computer to automatically launch and execute programs, even performing keystrokes, button clicks, and other commands within programs, on any specified schedule, fully unattended.

CrypEdit is a menu driven Windows program that provides users with a secure environment to edit, view, and print multiple encrypted or plain text files while also enabling users to UU encode or decode, compress or expand, secure delete, and encrypt or decrypt DOS compatible files of any size. CrypEdit utilizes pseudo one time pad encryption which requires two different passwords 7 to 20 characters/bytes in length. On-line documentation is provided through a Windows 3.1 compatible help file which is almost an exact copy of the printed manual. Optimized versions of CrypEdit are available for Windows 3.1, and Windows NT. D/L time: 5.5 at 14.4

Hardware compatibility lists for Windows 95.

Kernel Toys for Windows 95
Memory tracker, keyboard remap, time zone editor and more. For full info, look at the Kernel Toys Web page.

Power Toys for Windows 95
Latest update. For a list of what it includes, look at the Microsoft Web page for Power Toys.

Software compatibility list for Windows 95.

The tools listed may or may not be supported by the companies that make them. They are not supported by us, and use of them is at your own risk.

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