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A daunting task! However, with this set of links, it will be easier than ever!

Microsoft has come out with many fixes to Windows 95 since it's inception in 1995. Listed below are all the updated files we could find, with descriptions so you know what will be happening and what files are being updated. Have fun!

Service Pack 1
Shortly after Windows 95 was released, Service Pack 1 was released to update some bugs found in Windows 95. To find out if you have Service Pack 1, right click MY COMPUTER and click PROPERTIES.
Under SYSTEM:, it will say something like:
Microsoft Windows 95
If the numbers are 4.00.950a, you have the Service pack already installed. Go on to the next set of updates.
If the numbers are 4.00.950b, do not go any further. You have OSR/2 and need no updates at this time.
Go to Microsoft's Knowledge Base article to learn more about Service Pack 1 by
clicking here.
Download Service Pack 1 by
clicking here.

Kernel 32 Update
After Service Pack 1 was released, a memory leak was found in the new Kernel. To find out what version of Kernel32 you have, double-click MY COMPUTER, C:<or drive Windows 95 is located in>, WINDOWS <or directory Windows 95 is located in>, SYSTEM. Find the file named KRNL32.DLL. Right click the file, then click on PROPERTIES. Click on the VERSION tab at the top. If the version is 4.00.951, you already have the updated version. If the version is 4.00.950, download the new version by
clicking here.
Get more information on the Kernel 32 update by
clicking here

OLE 32 Update
Object Linking and Embedding was updated after the Service Pack 1 release as well.
To find out about what the OLE32 update does,
click here.
To download the new OLE32 file,
click here

  The above three updates are the most important. Microsoft has more updates, as well, but they fix problems in specific programs rather than Windows itself. To find more information on the other updates, click here.

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