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New utilities are coming out for Microsoft® Windows® every day. Because of this, we are making changes to our site. You will now find software and downloads for many different versions of Windows®.

Windows Software

AtomTime 98 2.0 This 32-bit Windows 95 Internet (Winsock) application will connect your computer to the atomic clock time server in Boulder, Colorado and fetch the current atomic clock time value. It compares this value to your PC time and displays the difference, then gives you the option to update your PC clock to match the atomic clock value.
File Saver NEW UNDELETE SOFTWARE: recovers Word documents, Excel spreadsheet and more, with a click of your mouse!
Backup Email Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Opera - and dozens of other e-mail programs backed up with brand new FREE software program. Click HERE to learn more about Backup E-mail.
Outlook Security STOP Outlook blocking your attachments. Click here to find out how.
Anti-Virus Get information on the latest Anti-Viruses out there.
Real Audio Freeware player for Internet Audio.
RegClean 4.1 RegClean is a fairly small application that will save a lot of start-up time. It clears the  Registry safely and effectively. With the Registry cleaned out, you'll have a shorter wait whenever you boot the system.
Internet Security Get information on the latest Internet Security software programs.
TweakUI Windows 98 TweakUI.
WinRescue 98 WinRescue 98 backs up and restores the Registry and other configuration files of Windows 98. WinRescue 98 compresses files, regularly prompts for backup, has changeable directories, backs up the current or previous Registry, and can back up to a diskette. This multifeatured program works only with Windows 98.
WinTune 98 WinTune 98 offers standard diagnostics, yet also tells you how to fix what ails your system.
WinZip WinZip is a straightforward zipping and unzipping utility that includes built-in support for popular Internet file formats
WS-FTP WS-FTP is a shareware FTP utility. It's free for personal use.

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HTML Protector Who's Stealing YOUR Site? Your images, your text, your design, your PayPal links are all at risk. Click here to protect, now.
Evidence-Blaster Thoroughly cover your Internet, Windows and application tracks, with one click!
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox is quickly overcoming IE in the browser war. Check it out, it's free.
Microsoft Chat 2.5 With Microsoft Chat you can either chat in text mode or choose to have your chat unfold as a comic strip with you as a cartoon character.
Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1 Microsoft's NetMeeting integrates audio, data, and video conferencing into one package. By using your PC and the Internet, you can have face-to-face meetings with friends, family members, or business colleagues around the world.
Net.Medic Win98 Patch Download and install Net.Medic, then download this patch for Windows 98.
No More Ads! Install this file and you never have to see advertising in IE4 again!
PowerToys for IE4 Created by MS Internet Explorer developers, this software adds new power to IE4.

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