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bulletDouble-click on the clock in the tray to open the Date/Time properties dialog box.
bulletSelect the Time Zone tab.
bulletWhile holding down the Ctrl key, click and drag from Memphis, Egypt (point 1) to Memphis, Tennessee (point 2).Let up the mouse. There will be no visual indication that anything has happened.
bulletRepeat the click and drag again (while holding down Ctrl), this time from Memphis, Tennessee (point 2) to Redmond, Washington (point 3).
bulletA nice credits screen (complete with video and music) is displayed.

Date/Time Properties
Just drag from point 1 to point 2 to point 3 while holding down the Ctrl key

Eject PC?

bulletOpen the start menu and in the Programs folder right click on any shortcut ( make sure this is not MS DOS Prompt or a folder ) and choose properties.
bulletSelect Change Icon to change the icon, and double click the already selected icon, then press OK to exit the properties window.
bulletGo back to the start menu and move your mouse just below Shut Down. A  little arrow should be appear just below it, so just move the mouse over it You will see the start menu slide down a little. And you should see Eject PC (!??)

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